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The Pet Lodge


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$12.00 per night for the 1st cat
$6.00 for every further cat from the same owner
We provide:
Litter, dishes, blankets and toys



$10.00 per night for the 1st bunny
$5.00 for every further bunny from the same owner
We provide:
Litter and Hay


Starting $5.00 per night for birds, gerbils, exotics, etc.
Please inquire for your specific pet, as price depends on the care needed.

Please call for rates if you have any other type of pet, or if your pet has special needs.
We can also provide full time care after injuries, in close connection with your Veterinarian.
We don't charge extra for feeding raw food or administering medications in food or as shots.

All pets from the same household will share one room unless requested otherwise.

It is possible for pets from different households to share a room, if they know each other well and get along without any problems!

"Daytime only" stays are also available for the above rates.


Please feel free to contact us daily from 9:00am-9:00pm.

We try to accommodate everybody's departure and arrival times and therefore don't have standard business hours.
Check in and check out are at previously arranged times.
If you like to visit The Pet Lodge to have a look and check out our offered service you are very welcome to do so, just please phone ahead of time.


We accept Cash, E-Transfer, Cheques and PayPal for payment.


Pet Supplies available at The Pet Lodge:

Please go to the Shop to find out more!!!



Please read before booking your animals stay with us!!!


All our guests have to have up-to-date vaccinations and have to be regularly dewormed! The owners have to submit written proof from their veterinarian.

Upon admission, all animals have to be free from any condition which could potentially jeopardize other guests. Animals that have been sick in the last 14 days will require veterinarian certification of health to be admitted.

Please bring a copy of your veterinarians invoice from the last vaccination appointment with you!

Food has to be provided by the owner to avoid sudden changes in the animals diet. Please bring a container, marked with your pet’s name, with the ration for the time of the stay. 
You can also bring a favorite toy or blanket for in your pets room, we just can't guarantee the condition in which the items are upon your return.

The Pet Lodge reserves the right to charge the owner for unreasonable damages their pet might cause!


Bio-Security protocol due to RHDv2 outbreak in the US and Canada

I am keeping a close eye on the development of the RHDv2 outbreak.

Because of the nature of this Virus and to protect my Bunny guests, I will from now on and until further notice have the following Bio-Security protocol in place:

>> If you travel to any area with an active case, upon your return you will be asked to stay inside your vehicle and your pet will be brought out to you <<

The above also applies for travels to Australia and New Zealand!
Any other travel destinations are not effected at this time!

If you want further information on RHDv2 please scroll through my Facebook page and read the articles I posted.

Thank you for your understanding and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!