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Welcome to The Pet Lodge!

Hello, my name is Silke and together with my husband Evan I live on a Quarter Section NW of Ardmore, AB.

In 2005 I started an In-Home Pet Sitting Service. The idea was born when I realized, how lucky we were to have friends who look after our little Zoo when we want to go on vacation.

I figured a lot of people might not have this help and so Pet & Home Care Service was born. In Summer 2008 we moved from an Acreage close to Cold Lake to our new home NW of Ardmore and unfortunately I can't drive several times a day from here to Cold Lake.

When I was thinking of an alternative the idea for a Pet Hotel came up quickly, as we have a little old farm house on our new property.

We are now almost finished renovating this cozy little house and I'm looking forward to provide you with first class care for all of your animals starting December 15th, 2008.

Our Service is for owners of pets, who want to have a more personal and loving care for their companion when they can't be with their 4-legged friends. We will give you the peace of mind that they are well taken care of in a warm and cozy environment.

The Pet Lodge is a unique and perfect service for people that see their pets as a part of their family. These lucky pets receive a lot of love and attention and planning a holiday can cause the owner to feel guilty and unhappy that they have to leave them behind in a boarding facility.

We offer you a place that gives your pets the love, attention, play and cuddling time they are used to have from you. We let you plan and enjoy your time away from your home without any worries.

We'll care for Pets, from Farm or House

even if it will include a mouse!

 Exotic, "Normal", BIG or small

we'll love and care for them all.

If feathers, fins  or fur

we'll try to make all of them purr.

Check our Service out,

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These are the Reasons why...

you should think about booking a room in The Pet Lodge...

- Your pet will be in a cozy and loving environment and will have a room with a couch, toys, pet beds and blankets.

- Each room has a dog and cat door, so your pets will enjoy the freedom to go in and out all day as they want. The outside runs are fully enclosed that even your cat can enjoy the outdoors.

- The TLC is personalized to your pet and you can call as often as you like to get updated on how your pets are doing.

- You won't have to ask friends, relatives, neighbors or co-workers if they might look after your pets and then maybe forget about their care.

- The Pet Lodge provides experience, is reliable, trustworthy, honest, friendly, has empathy and always an open ear for your needs and wants.

- And at last … wouldn't you like to see their happiness when you come to pick them up? Opening the door and seeing that they had so much fun?

Our Service:

Your pets stay at


   TLC, playtime & cuddling

 Personalized feeding




(extra charge)

        Administration of medication

Please always feel free to ask for any additional Service.

It doesn't matter how unique you might think your inquiry is!

The Pet Lodge wants to provide you with as much personalized services as possible and therefore we have empathy and are open minded for every new idea!

Test us!